This Is Why We Hate Cops

Before I divulge into my rant about most cops being complete assholes, I’d like to point out something more important first. How the fuck, is that nerdy, annoying, virgin, piece of shit dude in the same car as a girl. Honestly, that’s gotta be his mom right? No girl in there right mind would hang out with that kid by choice… right? She’s probably driving him to band practice so he can practice his skin flute skills with the rest of the male flute players. Parents, here’s a piece of advice. If your son played flute in band, its a tell-tale sign that he’s gay. Only 2 kids ever played the flute in my high school band and they were both gay. Not with each other, but still gay.

Anyways, this cop is a cunt. I had this exact situation happen with  me once. I was driving on the Maine Turnpike, which is actually only two lanes since no one is entering Maine, everyone is trying to get the fuck out, and I had this douchebag riding my ass. I slow down a bit and start to go the speed limit because it looks like an undercover cop, but I wasn’t positive. This dude flashes his high beams at me, hinting for me to go into the slow lane… but I wanted him to blow his cover. He does it again and yet again I ignore it. Finally he puts on his lights and sirens real quick and the pussy in me comes out and I move over. This guy wasn’t an absolute dick like the cop we saw in the video because he just turned his lights and siren off and went on his way.


~ by Shutout on April 21, 2011.

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