Greatest Rivalry In Sports Starts Tonight

That’s right the Bruins and Canadiens face-off for the start of what is sure to be a gritty, vicious, energizing seven game series. This is definitely the biggest rivalry in sports and I guarantee those of you who deny it aren’t hockey fans. Yankees-Red Sox are up there too but with baseball you can’t really hate another team as much as you can in a contact sport. Here we got two teams that have hated each other physically, mentally, and emotionally since the start of the NHL. It’s American vs Canadian, Black and Gold vs Red and Blue. The hatred is so big that the Bruins player, back in the day, climbed over the glass and into the stands and starting beating the shit out of the fans in Montreal. It doesn’t get anymore vicious then that. And if this video doesn’t get your blood pumping, you might wanna check your pulse… because you might just be dead inside.


~ by Shutout on April 14, 2011.

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