Awkward Guy Gets Tons of Chicks Numbers

This is a little mini series that this Asian guy and his friends are doing. In this one the Asian dude, Kong apparently, tries to get a bunch of numbers from different girls while slipping in the word penis, or something similar during the conversation. Its actually a very, very awkward video and pretty hard to watch, but the guy sees some great success and actually lands quite a few numbers. The group of 4 chicks love him for some reason and that hot girl lying down on the bench seemed pretty into. In fact, she legitimately looked disappointed when he didn’t show her an actual picture of his cock on the phone… on second thought, maybe she was disappointed because she actually did see his real cock.

And he drops some serious fucking lines on the only other hot chick in this video. In fact, I wish he didn’t drop his “down here its like fake tits, real assholes” line because it produced what might be the most obnoxious cackle that I’ve ever heard come out of a chick’s mouth. Like black magic, that cackle caused the hotness to instantly disappear. Please cut back to the chick on the bench.

I think his 3rd video is funnier though… … where they “troll” and use “internet meme’s” to pick up chicks. But the only lines I recognized were “you jelly”, “u mad”, and “cool story, bro”, so I didn’t feel like I was nerdy enough to elaborate on that one too much and figured I had more in common with the one on having a small penis… I mean penis. Just penis. Not small.


~ by Shutout on April 15, 2011.

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