Interactive Spin The Bottle

I’m probably a little bit behind the times but I never knew you could do this interactive, choose your own ending, RL Stine wanna be shit on youtube. That’s probably the only reason I actually watched and endured this video, because that concept is pretty dope. Sure the acting is awful and this video isn’t funny at all, more annoying than anything, but the idea is pretty cool. I decided not to kiss the dude because I’m not gay and definitely didn’t want to see those two bros going at it. And then after that I chose to use tongue.

Why would I use tongue? I’ll tell you why…. the first time I played one of these silly awesome middle school games I had to kiss this absolute slut. Like she was so far out of my league. We were in 8th grade and I’m pretty sure she banged the entire high school hockey team including the coach and the mascot and the JV goalie. Anyways, it was truth or dare not spin the bottle, but it pretty much turned into straight up kissing dares because all the girls were slutty and all the guys were rocked up on the testosterone from puberty. I get the first shot at the blond puck slut and considered the same thing that this guy had to choose, tongue or no tongue. I decided to go no tongue because I didn’t wanna encroach. I thought it went well until I overheard them in the bathroom talking about me calling me a bitch for not using any tongue. Then I heard them talking about how the nerdy kid with glasses and b.o. was a better kisser than I was and I swore to myself that from now on it was tongue. I don’t care who the fuck I’m kissing, where I’m kissing them or why I’m kissing them, but my tongue is getting shoved down your throat each and every time because of that one event.


~ by Shutout on April 18, 2011.

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