Underclass Hero – Sum 41

So this song is essentially where I got the name for the blog from. I was initially going to name this place Reckless Abandon, but some douchebag took the name awhile ago and only made one post. Whatever. Regardless, I probably should have made this the first music video of this blog’s short history but I’m just waaay too excited for the Bruins playoffs. Sum 41 is coming out with a new album relatively soon, for those that care… which I doubt is many of you. Either way, this song is not going to be on the new, in fact this song came out a few years ago and was on Sum 41’s last album.

I’d also like to add that I had to go grocery shopping today. And if all my loyal followers have been keeping up, and I know both of you have been, then you’d know how much I hate grocery shopping. Refer here for a refresher. So I pull into the parking lot and its raining… of course. In fact I feel like it is always raining in the shitty state of Rhode Island, I can’t wait to go back to Massachusetts. I do my shopping and hop in line. The woman before me has a bagger and no joke like 3 other people standing a foot behind the bagger talking to him. She pays and is on her way and I step up and guess what? Yup. All 4 of them leave. Once again, I have to bag my own shit. At least I didn’t drop triple digits on groceries this time around though.


~ by Shutout on April 13, 2011.

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