Nice Prank, Bro

The oldest trick in the book. The real prankster finds a second prankster to prank the first prankster who thinks he’s the one doing the pranking. Jackass did something very similar with the whole Muslim driving the Taxi and the guys in the trunk and the pubes with crabs on them for the beard, but I kind of like these low-key pranks a little more. Just a couple friends fucking around with each other popping out of their little jack-off-in-the-box hole in wall. It’s all fun and games until the psycho with the gun shows up. Now how great it have been in the mastermind behind all this hired a third guy to play the role of a cop and come in and arrest the guy with the gun. That would have fuckin’ slayed me.


~ by Shutout on April 16, 2011.

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