Superman To The… Rescue?

Ah the beauty of college. Half the kids go to college to further their education. The other half go to fuck around. This is one of those kids blowing thousands of dollars of his parents money to go and fuck around. I doubt that kid was actually enrolled in this class, he probably just picked a random target to try and snag up a few thousands hits on youtube. If he was initially registered for the class, I doubt he is now… I mean what kind of super hero will show his face again after failing to open up a fucking door?

It reminds of that time in my physiology class where some dude dressed up as the Trix rabbit started hopping down the stairs towards the front of the class with a box of Trix cereal in his hands. Then a couple of bros dressed in suits barge in to the class room and yell “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!” Except in this case, the kid was able to kick open the door and get out safely. He probably ran straight back to his frat house and got gang-banged because that’s what guys in frats do. Each other.

Update: Found a longer version of the video, so I’m gonna bump this up top.


~ by Shutout on April 14, 2011.

One Response to “Superman To The… Rescue?”

  1. I live in a town where the college is kind of the reason the town exists- this stuff happens all the time. In public. It’s fun when you’re 20-years-old and in need of a study break. It’s not fun when you’re 27 and writing something on a deadline…

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