Kangaroo Douchebag Wreaks Havoc

Yeah, I know this video is a couple years old but it is still one of the most hilarious videos I’ve seen to date. I really wish we could see an unedited version of this video though. Someone had to have actually caught up to this guy and beaten the shit out of him right? I mean the guy sticks true to his role and hops around, despite having pissed of victims chasing after him in a rage. The beach scene had me laughing for a good while. At first you expect nothing too much… and then boom, a sandstorm right in the face.

The golf course scene is by far my favorite. Golf is such a quiet sport that requires great concentration and I’m sure the last thing that guy was expecting was to get drop kicked into the lake. I think that sequence also proves that golfers aren’t real athletes. If he was a real athlete he would have sprinted after that fucking kangaroo and punched him right in the Joey maker. But nope, just a lazy golfer. They’re so lazy they drive carts around in between shots… no way in hell should I have expected an epic chase.


~ by Shutout on April 13, 2011.

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