Morning Glory – Oasis

Is this song about being a cokehead or waking up with a happier perspective on life? Or could it be about having an erection upon waking up? The first line makes me think it’s the cokehead option. I’ve never done coke, but I know that using a sharp object like a razor blade to cut lines of cut on a hard surface isn’t that uncommon. However, the music is kind of uplifting and the song lyrics can be interpreted as finally waking up with a happier mentality on life. It’s just another sunny afternoon, walking to the sound of your favorite tune. Also, the Bruins finally woke up tonight. Yeah, didn’t think you’d get away reading one of these song of the days without me relating it to the B’s, did ya? Anyways, it could be about the phenomenon known as ‘Morning Glory’. For all my lady readers out there. Its when a dude wakes up rock hard. And no, he probably wasn’t thinking about you so get over yourself. Would a girl even take that as a compliment?


~ by Shutout on April 18, 2011.

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