Wanna Be On Top, Like Me…

All you gotta do is KKG!

This video is a few months old but no joke, it might be my favorite song of this year so far. Call me what you you, but let me state my case first: its got a bitching beat, there’s hot bitches e’rywhere, and look at all the pretty colors. I mean fast forward to 2:55. Look at that sick ass move. Holy shit, is that even possible? I wish they dudes join sororities because I’d be so in based on this song alone. Well, even without the song I’d wanna join because of all the hot chicks.

Vote 5 stars for this song is bitchin’ or vote 1 if you’re a complete loser. And blond chick, if for some weird ass reason you actually read this. Hit me up! Here’s my digits yo, 534-401-6638. Hm… despite voting 5, maybe that makes me the complete loser.


~ by Shutout on April 13, 2011.

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