Crazy Asian Does A Little Shopping

I swear to God that this kid kind of looks familiar. Oh never mind, he’s just Asian. But still the kid has some sick moves. grocery shopping is up there on my list of things I hate to do. First of all, I feel like every time I need to hit the market it’s fucking pouring out. So I walk in soaking wet and swim through the aisles just grabbing a bunch of unhealthy shit that will hopefully fill me up. By the time I’m done I hit the check out counter and always get stuck without a bagger. Honestly, the last time I went there must have been 6 people bagging for the lady in front of me. Then comes by turn and they all bounce so I gotta bag that shit myself. I’ve never worked at a super market, I have no idea what I’m doing. So as I shove in all the cans on top of my bread it’s time to pay the cashier. My bill almost always eclipses a hundred dollars. And the food lasts me a week… and I’m the only one eating it. Just doesn’t seem possible.

Anyways, this kid’s got grocery shopping down. Just go in there, bust out some DDR moves, and you’re done in a couple minutes. He probably got a discount too for being awesome. Eh, on second thought, it’s probably more realistic that he just developed some sort of algorithm to shop more efficiently than me. Damn Asians, always one step ahead.


~ by Shutout on April 13, 2011.

One Response to “Crazy Asian Does A Little Shopping”

  1. […] up, and I know both of you have been, then you’d know how much I hate grocery shopping. Refer here for a refresher. So I pull into the parking lot and its raining… of course. In fact I feel […]

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